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Chip box with Gadget Snap On Chip Deflector and Whip Guide Stabilizer. Drill straighter and faster with the whip guide Stabilizers and Adaptors.

  • “A” Self-Centering Pilot for the bearing.
  • “B” Hub for the snap-on Chip Deflector.
  •  “C” Reinforcement angle, keeps the Doodad bushing from popping out of the bearing.

Whip Guide Stabilizers mounted on whip guide supports. This is the only way to control whipping. You can drill faster and get less runout.

Bearings with Doodads installed.

Doodads are self-centering. They are easy to POP IN and OUT.

Stabilizer and Stabilizer adaptor for drilling,  mounted on the whip guide support. There is only one way to control whipping. The Stabilizer is the only way.

Gun Drill Bracket (DOUBLE)
Hang your gun drills and keep them straight. 36 inches wide, 14 inches deep, 30 brackets, 15 drills each, HOLDS 450 Drills (3/4 inch driver)

Double Doodad with snap-on chip deflector and the Whip Guide Stabilizer mounted on an Eldorado Adaptor. (This is sweet!)

Whip Guide Stabilizer and adaptor, mounted on the chip box. The long end of the stabilizer is in the chip box to control whipping.

Whip Guide Stabilizer and Adaptor mounted on a whip guide support used for Push and Pull Reaming.

Stabilizers for Reaming. The one on the left fits in the chip box. This shortens the unsupported length and helps bell mouthing problems.