D140 DooDad™ Whip Guide Bushing

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B100 Bearing Series (8 mm)

For a proper fit every time, measure the Gun Drill Tube (Not the Drill) and pick a part number as close as you can to the tube diameter.

Fits the B100 Bearing Series

  • B100 Bearing (87008) Size: 10.16 mm X 24 mm X 8 mm
  • B100-1 Bearing (628ZZ) Size: 8 mm X 24 mm X 8 mm
  • Self-centering pilot, pop in design

Minimum Order $25.00

Additional information

Gun Drill Size In.


Tube Diameter In.

0.140 In.

Tube Diameter MM

3.55 mm

Bushing ID In.

0.130 In.

Bushing ID mm

3.30 mm

Height In.

0.315 In.

Height mm

8 mm


B100 Series